Save Foulden Maar

We represent a group of concerned citizens who want to see Foulden Maar near Middlemarch in Central Otago protected in perpetuity for scientific research and the good of humanity.

The past is the key to the present and the future.

Foulden Maar was created 23-million-years-ago when a volcano erupted to form a shallow crater that filled with water. Over time, the bottom of the lake was built up with layers of microscopic algae to create a diatomite deposit. This deposit also contains a wealth of fossils and historic climate data, spanning hundreds of thousands of years.

But this unique geological treasure is at risk. Plaman Resources Limited planned to mine the entirety of Foulden Maar, including the fossils and climate data it contains. They would have exported the diatomite as a stock food supplement on factory farms and feedlots, and as a fertiliser on environmentally destructive palm plantations in south-east Asia.

Although Plaman Resources has now gone into receivership and liquidation, Foulden Maar is not safe from mining until it is in public ownership so that it can be protected in perpetuity for scientific research and the future of humanity.

Latest News

Plaman Resources withdraws OIO application

We are pleased that Plaman Resources have withdrawn their application with the Overseas Investment Office and believe it is another step towards protecting Foulden Maar in perpetuity.

UPDATE: Breaking news!

Plaman Resources, the foreign-owned company that wants to mine Foulden Maar, has gone into receivership and liquidation. This is great news for the campaign to Save Foulden Maar, but it doesn’t mean the fight is over yet.

EVENT: Foulden Maar: The Past & Future

Join Associate Professor Daphne Lee for a public talk about Foulden Maar and the pristine fossil and climate record it contains. This will be followed by a panel discussion on the future of Foulden Maar.

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